New “Solo” Yakiniku restaurant, hosted by Kintan Japanese BBQ, coming soon to London!

Do you feel awkward eating Yakiniku alone? That’s why we're opening this restaurant for you. Our seats have personal roasters dedicated for you to enjoy your meal on your own pace and cook your own way. Our smokeless roasters are perfect for guests who don't want to worry the lingering scent of smoke after their visit.

“Tasty! Quick! Value! Fast food style Yakiniku restaurant”

Our menus specialize in Yakiniku, rice, seaweed soup, and kimchi. We aim to provide the highest value and top quality Yakiniku at the most reasonable price.

“Customize with enjoyment! Choose various cuts of meat, serving sizes, and sauces”

The most fun part of Yakiniku is tasting various cuts of meat. At Yakiniku-Like, you can select your favorite cuts of meat, serving sizes, and sauces. Try the best combination you like!

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New Japanese BBQ Restaurant, "Yakiniku Like" by Kintan Japanese BBQ, coming soon to London! More Info →